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Yoga Foundations Workshop

Saturday, March 25th
3 - 5 pm @Little-Bird

In this workshop we will be looking at the shoulders in Downward Facing Dog, Chatturanga and Upward Facing Dog using props to explore the space, stability, and subtle rotations that enable us to move comfortably between these postures.

We will look at alignment, in depth, and anatomical cues - as well as personalised guidance and modifications - to help understand how the poses work; how to use the limbs and pelvis to support the spine (and avoid back pain!); and find a sense of flow in transitions and the sun salutation sequence.

Suitable for beginners and anyone interested in returning to the foundations of their practice. Read more about my earliest experiences in downward facing dog here. https://michelevanvaley.com/blog/why-do-we-do-downward-facing-dog/#scroll



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