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Steadiness: Mindfulness for Parents

3 Week Course: October 16th - 30th
12:30 - 2 pm

Parenting is hard. Many of us experience conflict in the home, overwhelm about the future, differing parenting styles and self-doubt. Sometimes we aren't parenting the way we would like to be due to these stressors. We may find ourselves looping around in frustrated cycles with our children and our partners that are difficult to break out of. 

What if there were simple things you could do to bring steadiness to the challenges of family life?

I've been where you are right now. Mindfulness techniques and the accompanying science have helped me to bring steadiness into my life. By understanding my own stressors and cultivating strategies to deal with these moments of high intensity, I've been able to change my relationship with my partner, become a calmer parent and create a lot more peace in our home. 

On this short 3 week - course we’ll take steps toward…

  • Strategies for calm interactions during intense moments
  • Learning about the science of stress reactivity
  • Bringing empathy and understanding to conflict to get different results
  • Facilitating better relationships
  • Creating more ease and soaking up the joy in family life
  • Cultivate a meditation practice
“I got so much form the course. My stress levels have reduced. I feel calmer and more content. My home life feels calmer as a result. Life has slowed down and its really good. I have also become a better listener and have gotten to know myself better.   – Adrienne Lee

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