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rays of light
Forget your perfect
offering. There is a crack
in everything. That's how
the light gets in.
Leonard Cohen
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Our stress reactivity is informed by the nervous system through three centres in the body; the brain, the heart and the gut. Breathing practices, like mindfulness and yoga, directly impact the whole system to bring about a greater sense of ease. This is at the heart of what I teach.

Mindfulness & Yoga classes

I teach mindfulness courses, workshops and yoga classes that can be taken privately, in groups, in the workplace and in schools.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by everything that pulls for our attention. This simple act of pausing to turn inward is like lighting a candle. We begin the work at home, lighting up our little corner and then watching the radiance spread. 

"Michele was just the right balance of sincere, thoughtful, intelligent and humorous” - Nikki F

Mindfulness Yoga

My Story

More than twenty years ago, after a severe ankle injury, yoga helped me to re-build strength and mobility. Mindfulness and restorative practices brought steadiness to that turbulent time. 

Years later, when my child began to experience anxiety around school, my interest in practices for children, teachers and parents developed.

“Thank you for such a positive introduction to mindfulness!” - Janice M

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The broken world waits in darkness for the light that is you.
LR Knost

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