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Radiate Through Functional Movement


Yoga encourages us to explore the senses, breathe deeply, and respond creatively. The mind-body awareness that we cultivate through yoga practice can deeply impact our lives; physically, mentally and emotionally. Light up the space around you.

Filling the Space with Light

Creating space is at the heart of my own practice and it is my primary intention when teaching. Becoming involved in the space created by the breath, the space between the thoughts, moving the body through space. Yoga and mindfulness offer us the freedom to insert space into our wildly busy lives.

"Michele’s relaxed yet professional style allows everyone to feel at ease, to perform to his or her own ability and to achieve his or her own goals at the class. I feel energized and de-stressed afterwards” - Olivia B

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It’s not for you to fit the posture, it’s the posture that adjusts to you
Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

Taking it Beyond the Studio

When practicing yoga asana we are meeting a challenge. The body may be strengthening and mobilising but it’s the breathing that enhances our ability to focus. Outside of the studio, when faced with difficulty we remember to do exactly what we did in our yoga practice. Redirect our attention to the breath and ground ourselves.

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Yoga is an effortless
dance with breath
and gravity
Vanda Scaravelli

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