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Shine a Light


Practicing mindfulness and yoga enhances connection; to our families, our communities and our own innate wisdom. Through connection we learn to listen deeply, give more space to joy and shine brightly into the future.

Illumination through Resilence

Twenty years ago I shattered my left ankle and yoga became an effective means to physical recovery. When I embarked on my first teacher training, this colourful, textured adventure began to unfold beneath the layers of the asana. I discovered how resilience, steadiness and joy emerge from mindful awareness. This fuelled my curiosity about stress reactivity and emotional intelligence which led me to a MSc in Mindfulness Based Interventions at UCD. Today, I’m passionate about bringing these skills to my community through classes, courses, talks and events.

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Create a clearing
in the dense
forest of your life.
Martha Postlewaite

Mind and Body

Our stress reactivity is informed by the nervous system through three centres in the body; the brain, the heart and the gut. Breathing practices, like mindfulness and yoga, directly impact the whole system to bring about a greater sense of ease. This is at the heart of what I teach.

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If the ocean can calm
itself, so can you we
are both salt water
mixed with air.
Nayyirah Waheed

We are all Connected

Thousands of quaking Aspen trees grow in the ancient forest, Pando Populus. Moving a little closer we discover that these sixty thousand trees emanate from the same root ball. It is one tree. Like Pando, we appear as individuals but beneath the surface we are all connected. This mind-body work that we practice inwardly together inevitably radiates outward into our families, to our communities and the world.

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Beneath the surface, out of eyesight, the essence of life as an interconnected whole emerges.
Dan Siegel, The Developing Mind

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